About Us

We are thrilled by the blessing to serve with the Lord's missionaries. As previous missionaries ourselves, we know the adventure a mission can be. Personally understanding the challenges and joys of a mission experience fosters great love and support for those who currently serve in Samoa.

President Tolman served his first mission as a young man in Samoa--a very long time ago, 1971-1973. We served a mission together in Samoa from 2009-2011. We are grateful for our past experiences in Samoa, which guide us as we work to help each missionary serve in ways to bring joy and lasting testimony.

We leave behind in Arizona 12 grandchildren and their parents. We understand what a sweet blessing it is to have a family who loves to play together and is willing to support one another. We are grateful for each member and the unique gifts they bring to our family. While we miss them, we know the Lord will take better care of them than we can.

When we were called to serve in Samoa again, we sought the Lord for understanding and strength. We believe in and try to live "I will go where you want me to go." Our love for God is the reason we serve. We understand "the will of God will never send us anywhere that the grace of God cannot reach us."

Our promise to those of you who send your children, your grandchildren, your parents, your grandparents is we will care for them. We will protect them and love them. We will help them have experiences to strengthen their trust in God.

We ask for your prayers. Pray for us, pray for our missionaries, pray for the people of Samoa.

Alofa Tele Atu