Life with Missionaries

New Missionaries July 2015

New Missionaries and Trainers July 2015

New Missionaries June 2015

New Missionaries and their Trainers June 2015

New Missionaries May 2015

New Missionaries and Trainers May 2015

(Somehow I missed the sisters!)

New Missionaries March 2015

Tutuila Leadership Training
March 2015

Tutuila Zone Conference
March 2015

Savai'i Zone Conference
March 2015

Savai'i Leadership Training
March 2015

Upolu Conference with Chris and Lili Anderson
February 20, 2015

New Missionaries February 2015

New Missionaries and Trainers February 2015

New Missionaries January 2015

New Missionaries and Trainers

Carnival/Party in Upolu

Carnival/Party in Tutuila

Carnival/Party in Savaii

Our New Missionaries-November 2014

New Missionaries and Trainers-November 2014

Our Wonderful Senior Missionaries

 Tutuila Missionaries

Savai'i Missionaries

Our newest missionaries!

New missionaries and trainers

Missionaries in American Samoa

Some of our missionaries in Savai'i. Two of them are trying to look tough, but they are all sweethearts!

These five Elders were together at the Mission Leadership Council, which also happened to be their one year mark! They all entered the Mission Training Center on the same day. 

Tutuila (American Samoa) Zone Conference

President and Sister Lesa of the Mission Presidency

Elder and Sister Saunders. They take care of the missionaries in
American Samoa and teach Institute.

Savai'i Zone Conference. 

President and Sister Masoe of the Mission Presidency

Elder and Sister Stonehocker-They serve in Savai'i at the church school.

Following are pictures from Upolu Zone Conferences and a couple of companionships in American Samoa. I attended a baptism when we were there last week. 

Following are pictures of our new missionaries and their new companions/trainers. We loved spending time with them. We are thrilled to be serving with them!

Following are pictures from our day together in our Mission Leadership Council. 

President and Sister Masoe

These are the missionaries serving in Savai'i. They are wonderful, courageous, faithful and amazing. Some of them are in their p-day clothes; they were cleaning and washing. Most places in Samoa, our missionaries do their wash by hand in buckets. We loved seeing them even for a moment.