New Missionaries Bring New Energy

We welcomed new missionaries last week. They come with energy and purpose. As we send them on their way with their new companions, we witness the excitement that they take with them into the field. We are grateful for their decision to join us!

New missionaries and trainers. Make sure to see other photos on the page Life with Missionaries.

We also said good-bye to some great missionaries. We miss them already and know they will go on to do great things.

I have been thinking about the day we left the heavens. Did we leave with energy and purpose? Were we excited for the challenges ahead of us? As these missionaries who leave us reunite with their families, there is great reason for celebration. They have sacrificed for the cause of Him who saves us all. I am sure as we return to the heavens there will be great rejoicing. Through our efforts to live a repentant life and allow the Savior to complete us and perfect us, there will be much to be celebrated. 


  1. Talofalava elders!! Hey...Theirs my son to the left of the top picture, with the orange tie, Elder Forsythe!! WOW!! Thank you so much for blogging about our missionaries in the field and keeping us parents abreast of events as they unfold. We are truly thankful for this blog, and because we get to see our elders hard at work, it comforts us to know that while they are on the lords errand, they are in good hands. This blog is truly a blessing to all, and we are grateful for all you do. Thank you so much.

    My son Elder Forsythe is very blessed to serve in Samoa where both his grandfather Ailama Fanene and his great grandfather Elisala Fanene was born and raised.

    His great grandfather Elisala Fanene served a mission in the village of Sauniatu Samoa back in the 1920`s, and was part of the missionary movement that helped establish the village of Sauniato with president David O. Mckay. So many stories...Elder Forsythe carries a family heirloom with him that was handed down from both his grandfathers, and to know he is in possession of it in Samoa, makes me feel very humbled, that my son has been chosen to serve in Samoa. Truly a blessing.

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  3. Aloha mai from Hilo, Hawaii! Elder Deven Forsythe arrived in Samoa in October 2014, nearly 110 years to the day, that his great-great grandfather, Elder Elisala Fanene, was called to serve in Sauniatu, Western Samoa. Elder Elisala Fanene and his companion, Elder Opapo Fono'imoana, were assigned by Mission President Martin Sanders to establish Sauniatu as a gathering place for the Samoan Saints at the October 1904 Mission Conference in Tuasivi, Savai'i. We are grateful for the inspired calling that has allowed our grandson to return to the place of his ancestors. Ke Akua Pu! Sister Shellie Allen Naungayan - Elder Forsythe's maternal grandmother