Are You In, Or Are You Out?

Last week brought some great experiences. We had another Mission Leadership Council. It is always a treat to be with the mission leaders. They are enthused about and dedicated to missionary work.  They are trustworthy. They take responsibility for those in their zones and sisters whom they lead. As we use this time to counsel together we learn much from one another. Each one of them brings a unique perspective to this work. We learn from them and appreciate their willingness to work together to bring about miracles in Samoa.

Be sure to check the Life in Samoa page for more pictures from the day we spent together!

The Mission Leadership Council

President Tolman shined shoes before the council meeting began; everyone got a new shine!

President Tolman organized his presidency this week. We are thrilled to be working with the Lesas and the Masoes. Unfortunately, we did not get a picture when we were all together. President and Sister Lesa live in American Samoa and President and Sister Masoe live in Savai'i. The missionaries will grow to love them.  We felt of their strength and their love for God when we met with them. We look forward to a great friendship as we work together in the hastening the work! Thank you Lasas and Masoes! Alofa tele atu.

President Gifford and Sister Wendy Nielsen from the Area Presidency visited us this past weekend. They helped us understand more clearly the vision for the mission and counseled us to be patient as it unfolds. Wise counsel to two of the most impatient people in the world!

President Gifford and Sister Wendy Nielsen

They spent time training some of our missionaries. Sister Nielsen reminded us that we need to live a balanced life--socially, spiritually and physically. It was a good reminder for our missionaries. Living in a hot, humid climate it is often easy to let exercise go. Being busy missionaries, sometimes breakfast may be neglected. Studying in a hot, stuffy house can prove to be very difficult. Balanced missionaries are better prepared to do the Lord's work in His way.

President Nielsen explained the process of assigning missionaries. Each mission assignment is made by a member of the Quorum of Twelve Apostles. He testified that it is through the revelatory process that each of our missionaries was sent to Samoa. He asked them why they were on this mission. What did they view as their purpose? There were dozens of good answers; his answer was "to learn to become good husbands and fathers, wives and mothers." He admonished them that there will be no other time like this in their lives. This is a time set aside by the Lord for their growth and development, a time that provides them with the sweet opportunity of being in His service 24/7. And then he asked "are you in, or are you out?" Will you serve this mission with dedication and great effort or will you float along as the months drift by.

There is something each of us can learn from that question "are you in, or are you out?" So many times the days pass us by and we live below our privilege. God needs us in this work of His; he needs warriors who will stand for truth and righteousness in all things and in all places. He needs angels who will reach out in love to bless the life of another through service and the peace that comes through the gospel. He needs moms and dads who consistently teach their children that He is the source of all good. He needs these great missionaries of ours and around the world to sound the clarion call to join His ranks in the battle for good. So I ask you, "are you in, or are you out?"


  1. I'm so thankful for the advice given by President Nielsen. That's exactly the advice I would want my son to hear. And what a blessing to know he "is in."

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  3. My son will be entering that mission soon. He was supposed to come in on the 25th but broke his finger in the MTC. I am grateful to you for this blog. I just sent him the excerpt from "are you in or are you out?"
    He has felt a little pressure because of his heritage (Percy Rivers is his great grandfather) and he's been asking himself a lot of questions while in the MTC. I thought that this was perfect. Thank you for your service!