I'm Late, very, very late!

We were in Savai'i last weekend, so I didn't get a chance to post. Savai'i is the biggest of the islands here in Samoa. It is more rural than the other two major islands and incredibly beautiful. We went over for meetings and to do the "run." Each Monday morning, some of our wonderful senior missionaries drive the islands and deliver supplies, mail, etc. to each companionship. The couple who does the Savai'i run was in Australia for a couple of weeks. So since we were going to be over there on Sunday, we decided to stay and do the run on Monday and visit with each of the missionaries. It was joyous to see them. The pictures are scenes of Savai'i.

I am making a change to the blog. The page entitled Life in Samoa will be filled with pictures of missionaries. After all, that is our life in Samoa! Stop by and see if there is someone you know.

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