Fully Consecrated

Bishop Causse said of missionaries, "Consecrated missionaries are not content with just conforming to the mission rules. They are not servants who must be commanded in all things. They work with zeal and do 'many things of their own free will' to accomplish the Lord's work. They are not satisfied with a reasonable effort, but work to the very limits of their strength. They understand that success comes after the trial of their faith, often at the last minute, or at the last door, or at the end of a long and exhausting day. When missionaries are fully consecrated, they forget themselves. They do not look back to their former lives. They are not casual or frivolous because their hearts and spirits are entirely turned toward the glory of God and the well-being and salvation of others."

That is quite a statement about 18, 19 and 20 year old Elders and Sisters. Is it possible? Speaking from experience, I can say it is possible. It is an amazing process to watch. Each quarter, as we repeat our calendar of interviews, trainings and conferences, we see the change. We see them go from scared and worried to powerful and committed. We find them doing hard things with a smile and energy. We hear in their voices their earnest desire to live a life fully and completely committed to Him and His work.

I often wonder what they will think at the end of their missions. Will they look back with regret or with complete peace knowing that they have given everything possible to the Lord. I often wonder that about myself, too. This assignment truly is the hardest thing we have ever done. We all fight the "natural man" as we work to become consecrated missionaries. We all have challenges that sometimes feel too big and too hard. And yet, in the middle of it all, there is God standing shoulder to shoulder with all of us. How would we ever accomplish any of this work without Him? When missionaries learn to do His work in His way is when they become fully consecrated. And in the process, they come to really know Him.

Bishop Causse continued, "Any disciple of Christ can legitimately ponder the questions 'Am I obedient enough? Am I lacking anything?' Our belonging to the Church requires more from us than simply being obedient and faithful members. We must be ready to submit ourselves to even higher laws that will prepare us for exaltation." This growth towards consecration takes time and effort. It takes prayer and pleading. It takes humility and confidence in God. It takes letting go and holding tight to His will and His light. And if you ever wonder whether consecrating your life to God is worth it, just look into the eyes of a consecrated missionary!

Besides finishing interviews, we held Mission Leadership Council. Following are photos. I regret that I didn't get one group's picture; I was sick that day. We also had a change in assistants. Elder Hodges was very much needed in another area of the mission. We welcome Elder Smith.

Upolu Apia Zone

Upolu Nuumau District

Upolu North District

Upolu Apia District

Upolu Central Zone

Upolu Faleasiu and Malie Districts

Mission Leadership Council


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