Miracles Do Happen

President Ezra Taft Benson said, "Obedience brings blessings, exact obedience brings miracles." 

Two of our zone leaders were traveling home after a disappointing encounter with an investigator. They passed some little boys playing by the side of the road. Just as they passed, Elder Moon stopped the car. His companion, Elder Poutoa, asked why he had stopped. Elder Moon had no explanation other than just knowing he needed to do so. They sat for a moment wondering and then noticed near the side of the road a six year old boy lying in the grass, eyes wide open, staring at them. They hurried out of the car and as they approached they could see that he was holding an electrical wire that had fallen from a nearby electrical pole. His face was ashen and he was struggling for breath. Elder Poutoa attempted twice to remove the wire from his hand, but received an electrical shock. The boy's brother stood nearby crying and begging for the little boy to get up. His sister soon arrived and pulled him by the feet. As she drug him along the ground, the wire slipped through his hand. She began to shake him and pound on his chest. There was no response. Other family members gathered. The Elders suggested that the only way to possibly save him was to get him to the hospital. They put him in the van along with his grandfather and began the long journey into town. A few minutes into the trip, Elder Moon suggested that Elder Poutoa give him a priesthood blessing. Elder Poutoa at first hesitated, questioning his own faith. He finally asked the grandfather for permission; this family is not of our faith. As Elder Poutoa blessed this little boy, he took his first breath. Remarkably, he stayed just one night in the hospital. The severe burn on his hand is the only physical sign of his frightening and life-threatening experience. Elder Poutoa said seeing the little boy a few days later smiling and playing brought great joy, a deep sense of gratitude, and an undeniable witness that God's priesthood is a power to bring about miracles.

When I asked Elder Poutoa what he had said in the blessing he pondered for several minutes. The only thing he remembers saying is "Lord, let us see thy tender mercies." They certainly were witness to His tender mercies on an island in the middle of the Pacific away from modern medical facilities and support.  

Elder Moon and Elder Poutoa are the kind of missionaries who can call down the powers of heaven. They obey with exactness and laid claim to President Benson's promise. Through their worthiness and the power of the priesthood, a child was saved and a family witnessed God's love for them. How grateful and blessed the people of Samoa are by their dedicated service. Alofa tele atu Elder Moon and Elder Poutoa.

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